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Planning software

standard and tailor-made solutions


Your partner for high-performance graphic planning software and industry software

Planning is an essential process in many enterprises. And ensures commercial success with their customers. Good software helps with that. Because good software for planning improves customer satisfaction. And reduces costs. In addition, it ensures peace of mind in the organization. Because things are under control. And agreements are kept. So, good planning and administration software also helps to make more profit.

We at Offimac are passionate about software that helps organizations work efficiently. And we have more than 40 years of experience in this.

An important part of our activities includes the development of software for project planning, service and rental. We have standard software for this. And we can also develop additional tailor-made schedules, which we also do for numerous clients.

Because we know that with some minor adjustments, companies are often even more professional and competitive in the market.

In addition to planning software, we also implement other business software. And we are also experts in the software of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Because we believe it’s the best business platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our strength is that we don’t just have good scheduling software. But also that we have very strong vertical solutions for Business Central ready-to-use. And we can link them to our planning software. So customers see results quickly. And get a powerful total solution that aligns planning and administration very well. Which is very efficient.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides efficiency, grip and control

Business Central software is 1 total system to manage all departments of companies. And that reduces costs. Because Business Central software consists of different modules. And customers can implement these modules step-by-step. Because every company has its own growth path. In addition, all our modules are also interconnected. So that employees have as little work as possible. And they can switch between modules very smoothly.

As a result, the entire planning and administration will also be very efficient. Because the software ensures the distribution of information throughout the modules. And she delivers the right information to the right employee. So that everyone can work efficiently.

It is modern and mobile software for numerous industries. And they are applications that can be used wherever you want and whenever you want. Because the software and apps are not only available for Windows. But also for Apple and Android devices.

The system adapts itself to run on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Employees can use numerous devices interchangeably, which is very convenient.

In Business Central, you will find modules for CRM, sales, purchasing, logistics, production, accounting and much more.

At the bottom of this page you will find which industry-specific modules we can add to Business Central.

Discover our ready-to-use industry software here, which gives customers an edge

Customers want scheduling and administration software that’s ready for their industry. They want to see results quickly. And they don’t like long implementations or partners who don’t know their processes.

In addition to planning software, we have vertical solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Because these are ready-made applications for industries.

With those modules, customers get a lot of ready-to-use functionalities at a very affordable price. And they benefit from all our experience in their industry. Relevant innovations and functions will also be built in in the future. So that customers stay ahead. Our solutions for industries are therefore absolute added value!

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